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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A feel-good story, featuring a real Batman!

Gotta love stuff like this. When someone goes to this much trouble to lift the spirits of so many people, my hat's off. Besides, you HAVE to give it up for that custom cycle he's riding!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hulk Spotted During Flood Coverage!!

This was classic, and deserved sharing. I want a statue like that in MY back yard!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What A Green Lantern Ring Should Look Like

Being a comic geek, there are certain "props" I really like. A while back, I bought a Green Lantern ring off of Ebay. It was stainless steel, with an obligatory green dot in the middle. I mean, there had to be SOME green in there, right? Initially, however, I was captured by the "flash", cheap price and the fact that I could get one in my size.

I placed it on the shelf in my office and didn't give it much more thought; just kind of glanced appreciatively at it each day as I came in to work. 

After a while, though, something about it just began to bother me. It occured to me that I had NEVER seen a Green Lantern ring in any comic that contained even a trace of silver. Different styles and configurations, sure. But, they always had one thing in common: (Say it with me, now...) They were GREEN.

So, why DO they market unpainted stainless steel rings, with weak-looking circular green stickers in the middle, and call them "Green Lantern rings"? Not that it really matters. One $1.50 can of green spray-paint, and voila! 

Now THIS is how a Green Lantern ring is supposed to look!

Beam me up, Guardians!