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Saturday, April 23, 2005

What it is.

I never thought I’d do this. A blog, I mean. I’m not sure why I was set against it, except that, occasionally, I would mentally raise the question, "Why would anyone think anyone else needs to hear what THEY think?" The hypocrisy of this question is really quite blatant, and affords my chance at an introduction. I am a Baptist pastor, AND an opinion columnist, of sorts. In the first capacity, while I strive to deliver the pure Gospel, it is impossible to do so without injecting opinions of my own on a fairly regular basis. In the second capacity...., well, that would be obvious, I would think. As co-writer for Michael Vance’s Suspended Animation comics review column, I routinely tell people what works of sequential art I find enjoyable, and suggest that they would, as well. If the irony isn’t slapping you in the face by now, lean closer.

So, why the change of heart about the blog? Besides the realization of my double standard, it also happened that the more I wrote about comics, via S.A., the more I began to form opinions about the field, both as an art form and a business. And, as the focus of the column is on reviews, and not editorials, I guess I "needed" somewhere to do that. So, some of the entries will be material of that sort.

Now, I must note that, besides filling the two pairs of shoes above, I am also (and more importantly) a husband and father. My family is a primary part of my life, and will undoubtably be the source of some of my musings, here. And, of course, my faith will be a subject, as well. I guess I’m not going to be that different from other "bloggers," as my blog will be about my life, my interests, my (as I rub my own nose in it, once more) opinions, activities, friends, etc., etc. I don’t know how often I’ll post, or even how long it will hold my attention, but for now, for better or worse, this is Mark Allen’s Blog.

If anyone’s reading, thanks.