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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Online political discussions

I've stopped taking part in political discussions on message boards, for the most part. Mainly because I have grown increasingly frustrated at the flaming (insults and personal attacks) that goes on. Now, I should admit that my primary activity of this type has been on the Comicon boards, which are particularly bad about out-of-control flamesters, whom the board's administrators seem unwilling to control, via banning, or even warnings. My rather naive realization, after years of participation? NOBODY'S MIND IS EVER CHANGED.

Now, Christianity is, to a degree, a different matter. I don't believe that I can just stop discussing my faith online, and be true to my calling. However, I have learned not to cast pearls before swine. There are those posters who will, occasionally, try to coax Christians out onto the boards by making negative statements about evangelicals, or simply insulting blanket statements about Christians in general. These folks are generally looking for a good argument, not better understanding.

The result of this change in message board habits? More time, and less stress. Who knew?