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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Local Personality Goes National

It's always a point of pride, to an extent, when a native broadcaster of your state gets a spot on the national stage. At least, it is for me. I just found out, today, that former News 9 (Oklahoma City) personality Kia Malone has become the news anchor for The Daily Buzz. This morning, she began her first day, and I have to say she fits very well. Of course, it's kind of a "news light," show, but also alot of fun. Good luck to her.

Long-awaited Graphic Novel

Great book! Posted by Hello

I was sent a complete copy of the graphic novel, The Lone and Level Sands, by A. David Lewis and mpMann, this week. After having reviewed a partial, before it had gone to print, I really liked what I saw. The Suspended Animation review has yet to run, but, having seen the total package, I don’t think my review would have been any different. As I noted, it takes Biblical/historical events, and builds on them with creative license, a fact that Lewis informs readers of in the book’s introduction. I like the fact that he treated the Biblical account in a fair manner, instead of ascribing it to simple fiction. I also like that he left it intact, and constructed entertaining characterization around it. I just liked it, altogether.

Oh, and Mann’s art is great, too.