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Friday, April 29, 2005

ANOTHER Spider-Man title?

It seems Marvel Comics will begin producing yet ANOTHER Spider-Man title, beginning in late Summer. One question comes to my mind: "WHY?" I mean, it's great that it's going to have talented writer Peter David at the helm, with that wonderful, fun style of art from fan-favorite, Mike Wieringo, but still, why do we need another Spider-Man comic out there? At this moment, besides the forerunner of all Spidey titles, Amazing Spider-Man, Marvel publishes Spectacular Spider-Man, Marvel Knights Spider-Man, Ultimate Spiderman (the best Spider-comic being produced, in my opinion) and Marvel Age Spider-Man. This is not taking into account the Spider-related titles. Overkill, anyone?

Here's an idea: forget the new title, and do some housecleaning. Get rid of all but, say, two Spider-Man titles in current "Marvel time," and keep Ultimate, an entertaining "revisioning" of Spidey/Peter Parker as a teen super hero. After all, it's limited in how long it can survive. Brian Bendis and Mark Bagley have been at it for over 70 issues, an unheard-of level of commitment in comics, these days. It's not hard to imagine a new creative team, no matter how talented, being the death-knell of that book.

Look, Spider-Man is more than Marvel's flagship character; he is an American icon, now more than ever, thanks to two mega-successful movies. Regardless of how many talented teams they have on his books NOW, chances are very good that they will ALWAYS have the best talent knocking down the door to make their mark in Spider-History.

Marvel should "just say no" to a new Spider-Man title.