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Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Wonders of Kirby

Something strange is going on. Having indulged in comics for more than 30 years, I am only now developing an actual interest in the work of Jack Kirby. Oh, I’ve long known of his volumes of work in the industry, going all the way back to the Golden Age of Comics, and of his large role in the beginning of the "Marvel Age" , co-creating the likes of The Avengers, The Fantastic Four, The Hulk, etc. But, to this point, I can honestly say I had never had a sincere interest in the man’s work, beyond the desire to read the early tales of some of my favorite Marvel characters. Well, now I find myself desiring to go back and acquire reprints of all of his early Marvel and Timely works. The pre-Marvel monster material is proving the most difficult to lay hands on. I find this strange, but oddly appropriate, in that, having enjoyed the art form for so long, and writing about it for 5 years, now, it seems only right that I should develop a deep interest in the work of one of the greatest talents the medium has ever seen.

I have to say, though, that, should this "kick" turn into a full-fledged interest in all things Kirby, it would certainly prove a daunting task to begin seeking out all of his work. But, then again, it would be something to keep me busy for quite some time.

Blog name change

Okay, so the blog is a week old, and the name is changing. It just seemed to need..."something." Actually, part of the reason is that there are two other Mark Allens prominently featured in Google searches, and I wanted a search for the blog to produce more singular results. When researching "Four Color Commentary," I only found it as a name for a single article of another column. There didn't seem to be an ongoing column or site under the name, and, I thought it sounded catchy. So, for now, and hopefully forever more, this is Mark Allen's (no, the OTHER one) Four Color Commentary.