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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Life, And It's Demands For Full Attention

Almost two weeks with no posts. If anyone's reading, sorry about that. Severe sinus-related problems with the family, and the impending birth of the newest addition TO the family, demanded a nearly internet-free period. Things are much better, now, however. Sickness is gone, our new baby boy has arrived, and my wife is recovering nicely. Hopefully, onward and upward.

As an addition to my last post, I'm still on that Jack Kirby kick, but it has evolved into an "all things early Marvel" kick. I've revived my off-and-on attempt to aquire all of the Marvel digests published by Pocket Books in the late '70's, but this is as much to add that period of Marvel Comics merchandising history to my collection as it is to enjoy the stories. I'm still trying to aquire the Marvel Masterworks volumes, beginning with the Barnes and Noble softcover editions. After all, fun as the Pocket Books are, it's still hard to fully enjoy the material in that small of a format.

"In the news," Variety has reported that Kelsey Grammer is going to be portraying the Beast in the third X-Men movie. Vocally, I can see the man pulling that off EASILY. Physically, however...? Well, let's just say lots of makeup and lots of cgi will obviously be the order of the day. Variety is a pay-to-read site, so here's another link at Solar Flare. Otherwise, just type "Kelsey Grammer Beast" into your favorite search engine to read everthing that's out there.