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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Comics to movies

I never intended for this blog to be a news site, simply commentary, opinion, and comics-related, as well as occasional general life-related interests. However, very soon, now, I will be releasing a fairly large piece of news here, which will coincide with release on other sites, in the form of a press release written by me. It will be of some significance to fans of the comics/comic strip industry in general, and Oklahoma fans, specifically. Stay tuned!

O.K., comics works that would make great movies:
Jon Sable: Freelance - I understand from my earlier interview with creator Mike Grell that this may already be in the works. But, failed 80's t.v. adaption notwithstanding, this could make a fantastic big screen splash, if done correctly.
The Eighth Wonder - An amazing story which almost reads like a comics adaption of a movie already made. I think this could be a very entertaining movie.
Johnny Raygun - Hmmm. Live Action, or Pixar-like animation? Either would probably make a roller-coaster ride of a fun movie, but I’ll put in an "animation" vote, for this one.
Negative Exposure - Yeah, I’d see it opening night.
Some other suggestions include Creature Tech, Astronauts In Trouble, Xenozoic Tales, and, most especially, Moving Fortress. I won’t hold my breath for that last one. I'd also be interested in readers' opinions of these, as well as others they think need the Hollywood treatment. More to come later, I'm sure.

Next entry will deal with web sites that comics fans HAVE to check out.