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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Sites to visit, one in particular

As promised, some sites to visit. FIRST AND FOREMOST among them, is the site featuring this petition. It's self-explanatory, so I won't go into it in depth. I will, however, explain my support of it, as it only calls for "clear separation of non-comic book, pornographic booths from comic book related booths at all Comic Book Conventions." Obviously, as a Christian, AND a minister, I believe the best thing to be separation of ALL pornography from comics. So, why my support of such a limited proposition? Well, primarily because it's a good starting point. It would solve the problem of parents having their children subjected to something so dangerous and destructive, were it adopted by those putting on conventions.

O.K, now that I've properly incriminated myself as an enemy of pornographers' rights to distribute their trash around children, let's move on to some other sites.

A Short History of American Comics - Andrew Smith, aka "Captain Comics", has put together a useful page to which comics fans can direct new or prospective readers interested in comics, and their history. It's relatively short, to the point, and accompanied by an unapologetic column entry defending comics as "a unique American art form, like jazz." It's worth a look, and a referral.

Graffix Gallery - Vintage comic books, strips, art, pulps, movie posters and even cd roms will be found at this site. Whether you want to buy, sell, or just check out their online comic art museum, you can definately burn up some time, here.

Comic Creators Index - While not exhaustive, this site catalogues many creators, their best known works, and creators' web sites. I'm not sure how well-updated all of the information is, but it's been useful to me in the past.

Comic Artville - A feast of original Golden and Silver Age art for the eyes (and a chance to put a big ol' dent in your wallet), a truckload of comics-related articles, and an Alex Toth gallery! You don't WANT anything more from the 'net!

Monster Blog - Just check this one out, O.K.? ESPECIALLY if you like Kirby's monster work for Timely. The home page will knock your socks off!

I'm sure I'll post more sites in the well as more comics that would make great well as more Classroom Comics selections....and on and on I go. Next entry, however, will deal with some NON-comics related sites you might want to visit.

Thanks for reading, and ALWAYS feel free to comment.