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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Alias Comics

There's a new comics publisher out there. The first books having launched earlier this month, Alias comics offers a wide range of genres, while seeking to entertain all ages, with their work. I've stated in the past in the Suspended Animation column that I prefer all ages comics, to those that you have to keep out of "junior's" hands, and now that I actually have a junior, I appreciate this endeavor all the more.

Unfortunately, no matter how loudly I may cheer for Alias, like any comic book publisher getting started, today, they have a tough road ahead, with probably more things against them than in their favor. I want to end on a positive note, so...

The negative:

Their premiere books shipped late; due to arrive in April, they hit May 11th. Also, that initial outing included NINE new titles. Right off the bat, they appear unable to meet a deadline, as well as overloaded. These two facts together can cause fans to be extremely cautious, at best, opting not to get wrapped up in a storyline for fear of never seeing the pay off. It's likely that Alias will have to prove themselves dependable for a minimum of a year before some fans will be willing to commit.

The positive:

They are enthusiastic, and they have some real talent partnering with them, in my opinion. I'm not going to go into detail, just hit the link up top and visit their site.

I'll be pulling for them to beat the odds. I also hope to run some interviews with some of the creators for Suspended Animation in coming months, so look for them at, and

And, remember, this is all just my opinion.

Pointed knives, or pointed heads?

BBC NEWS | Health | Doctors' kitchen knives ban call

So, now the "smart" people think that we average dullards shouldn't have long pointed knives in our kitchen. And, they've gone out and gotten the expert opinions of chefs on the usefulness of such knives to bolster their point (another great pun!).

Aren't we all lucky to have this breed of genius looking out for our better interests? Obviously, potential murderers, upon realizing there are no pointed knives in the house, are going to curb their violent tendencies, and the murder rate will plummet, wherever these knives are banned, yes? Or, could it be that they will simply find a blunt object to use on their intended victim? Or, even their own hands?

So, ban the pointed knives, or ignore the pointy-headed people who come up with such suggestions? You tell me.