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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

More About Movies

It often hits me that Hollywood continues it's downward trend of turning out trash to lure people to theatres, while, at the same time, PG and/or "family" movies continue to kick the collective tail of said trash at the box office. "Why" isn't even a question, as far as I'm concerned. I believe it's obvious that people (probably parents in general) simply don't want to see, or don't want their families to see the flotsam that is passed off as entertainment. I just don't know how anyone could arrive at a different conclusion, especially when you consider last November's electoral outcome.

It's this belief that bolsters my position that "adult" comics are not only NOT going to help bring in new readers, but that taking formerly-all-ages characters and making them "R" rated will, and has, pushed established readers away. Marvel made this transformation with some of their characters when they began the "Marvel Max" line of books; you can read a little about how it all started here. Interestingly enough, Marvel recently decided to make one of their Max titles less "adult, " for the specific purpose of gaining more readers. How about that? Newsarama has the story.

Agree? Disagree?

Summer Comic Book Movies

Well, the tv ads have begun for Batman Begins, and should start soon for The Fantastic Four. I have to admit to being VERY anxious to see the former. The later...., well, let's just say that I shall remain cautious of the success of this movie until I hear some feedback. I don' t know why, but I have had doubts about the chances of success for the big screen debut of the F.F. since word first started floating around about casting choices. Then, when the first stills and promotional photos began appearing, my trepidation was somewhat reduced, but not completely. Whether it's the dismal failure of the early 90's F.F. movie, which can now only be obtained on bootlegged videos and dvds, or my own small doubts over whether or not the property can even make the jump to this medium successfully, I remain somewhat anxious, in the negative sense, about the outcome. No predictions, however, on it's success. But, I WILL say that I think Batman Begins is going to be the number one movie at the box office for no less than two weeks. Mark it down.