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Monday, June 13, 2005

Michael Jackson; At Least They Didn't Say "Innocent"

I understand our legal system. Really, I do. Innocent until PROVEN guilty. Guilt BEYOND a reasonable doubt. I get all of that, and I don't have anything derogatory to say about the jury. I simply find it sad that a man who admits to sharing his bed with young boys on a regular basis will continue to be free to do so. And you can bet he'll do so.

Here's a question to consider: who else could get away with that? What average man would be excused for such actions? I can't think of one.

I guess it's good to be the former King of Pop.

The Little Guy; Reaping the True Reward of the "Comics Event?"


This story will send a shiver down your spine. I mean, it's been YEARS since I've been driven by the completist "got-to-have-them-all" impulse so often associated with the incredibly long and ridiculously over-done maxi-series. The reality of the jack that can be spent on this hobby just to stay current, however, is still a little shocking. Believe it or not, though, I actually see opportunity in this for small press creators.

Now, more than ever, there is fantastic material being produced outside the big comics publishers, with the internet playing more and more of a role in promotion. The way I see it, when "must-read" comics projects such as this are put out there to drain the ol' wallet, that's a likely time for fans to try the latest hot indie offering. It seems natural to me. I happen to know (as does anyone who peruses comics message boards) that many fans get extremely agitated at the multi-crossover-maxi-series-burn-your-credit-card-before-its-too-late "event" of the year. Especially when it takes the better part of a year to get THROUGH it. The kind of feeling (something akin to betrayal) produced by such a thing could, ultimately, drive more and more comics readers into the arms of the competition, which may be much smaller in size, but not in quality.

I say more power to the little guy, and maybe it's good for the giants to fall, every once in a while. At least on their behinds.