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Saturday, June 18, 2005

The Return of Jason *yawn* Todd

Nothing like the same-old, same-old. I’m referring to DC Comics resurrecting Jason (Robin 2) Todd. I remember the 1988-89 "Death in The Family" storyline in which this character got handed his eternal walking papers by Batman’s most well-known nemesis, the Joker. It was intense, emotional, dramatic and moving. It was a great story. Yet, the character is being "unearthed." I guess DC is having too much trouble coming up with NEW ideas.

I caught the interview with Judd Winick in the August edition of Comics Buyers Guide, in which he seems to express his belief that this is something readers haven’t seen before. Well, they may not have seen this EXACT storyline before, but certainly something like it. The character Azrael/Jean Paul Valley believed he could do a better job as Batman, by, in part, coming down harder on criminals, pushing the original Batman’s self-imposed limits back, and, thereby, causing Batman no shortage of problems. This would seem to be the same shtick, but with, admittedly, a possibility for some interesting character interaction.

I know I’m coming off as negative, but I just don’t see much "new" here. And, lest anyone take me for a fan who believes continuity is never to be altered, I was, and have ever been a big fan of DC’s Superman revamp of the 80's, The Man of Steel, as well as Marvel’s current hit, Ultimate Spider-Man. If there’s rationale, and more than a gimmick behind what is being done, I can support it. I’m just not sure bringing back the Jason Todd character has either.

In the spirit of one who loves great comics, however, I hope to be proven wrong.