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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

More On Pauls Valley.

The city which will be the home to the Oklahoma Cartoonists Collection is getting some exciting and important attention, come July 12th. Read all about it here.

Oklahoma Cartoonists Collection Update.

As October 15th draws closer, I get more and more excited about what's building in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma. It's going to be VERY big! On opening day, Jim Lange and E. Nelson Bridwell will be formerly inducted into the OCC. Bridwell's cousin will be standing in for him. There will be a luncheon on Saturday (Oct. 15th), and a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the museum afterward. Activities are planned for all day Saturday, as well as the evening before.

Politicians are being flown in from Washington DC and Virginia, Pauls Valley's state legislators are going to be involved, and someone from the Governer's office (perhaps the Governer, himself) will be involved.

This is shaping up to be quite an event! Whether you are a comics/comic strip fan, a pop culture fan, or simply a fan of this great state, you are encouraged to attend!

CGC: Still Lookin' at it Like a Cow Starin' at a New Gate.

I've been reading and collecting comics for over 30 years, now. I've been writing about them for over five. I've been buying and selling on Ebay for about seven. And I STILL can't bring myself to go the CGC route. For those who don't know, CGC is Comics Guaranty, LLC, part of the larger bunch of companies under the Certified Collectibles Group. CGC specializes in grading comics, be they Golden, Silver, Bronze or Modern Age, and many of said comics are known to sell for many times the estimated value found in price guides. Service fees (what is charged for grading your books) start at eleven dollars, and go up from there.

There are two primary reasons for my hesitation to use this service. The least of the two is the matter of the afore-mentioned fees. I simply can't bring myself to pay someone that much to tell me what I pretty much already know about my comics. Now, I don't want to take anything away from the "specialists," but having indulged in this hobby for as long as I have, the fact of the matter is that I consider myself somewhat of a specialist on grading comics. In fact, I believe MOST collectors who have endulged for such a time, or longer, could be classified as competent, at the very least, to grade their comics. Of course, there will always be those who throw a "Fair" comic into a bag and call it "Mint." Speaking from the experience of others I have spoken to, however, that brand of "collector" can be found in practically ANY collecting hobby.

My main reason for not trying CGC? Simply put, I don't trust the method. I can't bring myself to mail my Silver and Golden Age treasures to individuals I don't know to be graded...., or bent, torn, dropped-and-stepped-on, crumpled, folded, or otherwise lost. And, perhaps even.....replaced with a specimen of inferior grade..? Now, let me IMMEDIATELY state that the above has EVERYTHING to do with my own fears, misgivings and paranoia, and NOTHING to do with anything I've ever heard about CGC. It's all wrapped up in my own meticulous, perhaps even obsessive, care of my collectibles. The only thing that would be infinitely more difficult is putting my kids on a bus and sending them to someone I've never met to watch them for a day. (Man, am I sick, or WHAT?)

Yes, the inflated sell prices for CGC books are an occasional temptation for me. But, when push comes to shove, I shy away every time from the thought of dropping that comic into the mail slot......., and waiting.

Please, let me know if I'm the only one or not. I'm not saying I'll change, you understand...