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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Marlon Brando in the New Superman Movie?

Interesting bit, this. It seems there's a rumor that some as-of-yet unseen Marlon Brando footage from the 1981 Superman II movie may show up in the NEW Superman movie, now shooting in Australia. The footage in question was cut from the ‘81 movie, due to a change of directors. Wouldn’t THAT be cool? To see that/those segments after over twenty years?

Then again, the information could be completely wrong. Time will tell.

Falls Creek Pictures

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Finally getting the Falls Creek pictures up; just a couple of the new amphitheater. Falls Creek Camp is a great place. It is unbelievable to see thousands of teens simultaneously praising God in their own way. Thrilling! The camp is undergoing quite a bit of change, right now, both cosmetic and functional. For more details than I can give here, go to the Falls Creek Home Page.Posted by Picasa

John Byrne's Superman is Back!

John Byrne is one of those guys some fans just love to hate. I'm not sure why, but I, for one, am glad to see him back on a Superman title.

The examples posted are from issues 827 and 828 of Action Comics. It seems to me that Byrne's style has improved, as far as this character is concerned. He has aged him appropriately, since his Man of Steel miniseries, which redefined the character in the eighties. You can read my review of that work, but if you're one of those afore-mentioned Byrne-haters, you're not going to like it.

Anyway, Byrne's Superman looks older, more serious, a little less innocent; in my estimation, more heroic. Inker Nelson and colorist Guy Major are two more reasons the art looks so great. I hope this team sticks for a while.

The story line is decent enough, as what seems to be (At least, we can HOPE) a penultimate chapter in the multiple personality disorder of Dr. Polaris. All in all, not a bad beginning.
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