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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Finally Saw FF.....

....and it was MUCH better than I expected. It was a fun comic book movie, that didn't depress, and didn't show the darkest possible side of humanity. How about that! I mean, I like Batman, but, sometimes, comic book movies should be bright, colorful, positive, fun...., you know, like COMIC BOOKS.

The Thing worked great without much cg imaging, at all; it served to humanize the Ben Grimm/Thing character that much more. The cg for the Torch was also satisfying, as was that for the Invisible Girl. However, I guess there's just no way to NOT make Mr. Fantastic's stretching power look..., I don't know..., goofy, I guess. And, I can't really express my thoughts on Dr. Doom without appearing as the quintessential continuity/accuracy-obsessed fanboy (that I am), so I'll say nothing.

All in all, the movie worked very well, so go see it when you get the chance.