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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Strange Ebay Auction Claim

Speaking of Ebay, I ran onto an auction of interest here, which concerns a copy of the Jetpack Press publication, Johnny Comet. (By the way, for a review of that book, and an absolutely scandalous case of self-promotion, go here.) The seller hyped the book by stating that it has been pulled from circulation. Yet, Jetpack Press continues to sell the book on their website; here's the link. So, anyone know what's up, here? Has there been some controversy with which I'm not familiar?

Let me know what you know.

Wizard Magazine; In a World Of It's Own.

I bought a Wizard magazine this week. It was the first one I've bought in years, and I noticed it still suffers from the same malady that caused me, in part, to do away with it; where it's prices for back issues and "hot" comics are concerned, it's pretty much irrelevant.

Want proof? Okay, go to the "Hot 10 Comics" section which is usually found right before or in front of the price guide. Check the price below each book. NOW, go to Ebay and see how many of those books consistently realize those prices. Shocked? Well, if you've been going into comics shops and slapping down that kind of bread, you should be. The fact of the matter is, Wizard doesn't seem to take Ebay into account when coming up with these prices, and considering the volume of comic books sold on the auction site, I believe that to be a mistake, rendering Wizard irrelevant where true values are concerned.

Now, I'm no expert where Wizard's process for arriving at these prices is concerned, and I'm sure there are some fanboys who would read this and love to smack me around with a rolled up (borrowed) copy of said magazine. But, hey, that's probably more from frustration than anything. After all, you pay a WHOLE LOT more for back issues than I do. I'd be frustrated, too!