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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Lifelike Japanese Android

Okay, as this blog is primarily dedicated to comics and related material, stuff I could classify as "comics come to life" qualifies. Case in point, a new "female" android developed by the Japanese, called Repliee Q1. Yep, that's her, on the right. You can read the whole story here. What interests me about this is that, though she can only sit, she is said to have the capability to move like a human, from the waist up. If you are a long-time Fantastic Four fan, you may see where I'm going, here. Remember the FF's robot receptionist? As she was behind a desk, you only saw her from the waist up. Everyone who saw her, however, thought she was human. Repliee looks to be the closest anyone has come to a human-appearing android in reality; she even simulates breathing. Could android receptionists be in our future?

Pretty cool stuff. Or, pretty scary, depending on your outlook. Google "Repliee Q1" for more information and pictures.

The Moth

Just a small (yet, exciting) item, here. I just learned that a second Moth miniseries, by Steve Rude, is in the negotiation stage. The first series was fantastic, and one of those works that I talk up every chance I get. If you haven't read my Suspended Animation review of it, you can do so here.