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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Relief From The Heat And Remembering The Kiddos

Last week in Tulsa/Bartlesville was BRUTAL. I think we broke 100 degrees nearly every day. I know the heat index was over the century mark, anyway. I understand it was the same out here in Western OK. Since the rain, however, the last day or so have been very pleasant. No heat stroke for me! (Though a little heat rash does have me seeing my doctor.)

There's something I don't get, however; how is it that parents can FORGET their children in an automobile in the summer heat? Oklahoma has seen two such incidents in the last couple of weeks. This baffles me every year. I've heard some of the defenses of these (unfortunate?) parents, the most frequent of which is that they were out of their routine, the other parent usually caring for the child/children. I still don't get it, and can honestly say that it has never happened to me. Perhaps I should be knocking on wood.

Maybe someone can help me understand this.