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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Dayne Dudley and Sci-Fi Intelligence

Just found out that Oklahoma sports cartoonist Dayne Dudley is the newest member of the Oklahoma Cartoonists Collection, and will be donating original art to the project. This is GREAT news! If you don't believe me, check out his work.

Also, thanks to one of the posters at Fantaseers for a link to this science fiction intelligence test. I know a couple of frequent viewers of this site who will have to check it out I scored a 5 out of 11, to my shame. Give me a "comics geek" test, and I'll ACE it!

Pastors Who Are Comics Fans

Thanks to Justin, who has posted here a couple of times, for the article at the link. But, before THAT, visit Justin's blog here. Anyway, the article is about a comics fan who is also a minister - talk about making me feel a little less lonely! Great minds must think alike, Justin; I recently bought this guy's book. I plan to comment on it here, as soon as I get it read, or maybe even chapter-by-chapter. Thanks, again, Justin.

I also need to thank "Kent." I don't think he likes it when I call him that, but there it is. Kent helped me get my ducks in a row where a link list is concerned. I plan on adding a list of blogs, soon, but, while you wait, you can check out his blog, "Wild Ramblings."