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Thursday, August 18, 2005

News Story About Toy and Action Figure Museum

I meant to get this story from the Pauls Valley Daily Democrat up sooner. Things are really moving, as the countdown continues to the grand opening in October. Read the story here.

Newest O.C.C. Release.

I'm tellin' ya, some of you are gonna want to visit this place!



And you thought Superman and Spiderman lived in The Big Apple!These world-famous superheroes along with Dick Tracy, Captain Marvel, AlleyOop, Batman, Luke Skywalker, Broom Hilda and a host of other characters areliterally ‘hanging out’ at the new Oklahoma Cartoonists Collection in PaulsValley, Oklahoma. These popular characters and more are displayed in aone-of-a-kind showcase of Oklahoma talent housed in the Toy and ActionFigure Museum opening on October 15th.

Della Wilson is the Executive Director of the 6,000 sq. ft. interactivemuseum that will feature 7,000 toys and almost 300 pieces of original comicsart! A sure-fire destination for fun for the entire family, the museum andcollection are located at 111 S. Chickasaw in downtown Pauls Valley.

“The Oklahoma Cartoonists Collection is a cool idea,” said Kevin Stark, the driving force behind the unique museum and collection. “I’m really excited about it, and feel it is a great fit with the Toy and Action Figure Museum.”

It is no exaggeration that Pauls Valley is now the Toy and Comics Capitol of Oklahoma! Board president Lenny Brumley believes that it will bring visitorsfrom all over the world, and inquiries are already being made on a dailybasis.

"It has long been my dream to establish a museum honoring Oklahomacartoonists," said Michael Vance, cartoonist, author and columnist. "TheOklahoma artists and writers working in comics have been entertaining hundreds of millions of readers almost since statehood. Their work has appeared in newspapers, magazines, books, in hit songs, on radio, television and as movies. I know that tens of thousands will come to Pauls Valley every year to enjoy this collection of their original art, books, and merchandise inside the Toy and Action Figure Museum."

For months, Vance has been contacting artists and/or their families, and acquiring original art for the collection. Those participating at this time include Chester Gould (Dick Tracy), Archie Goodwin (Star Wars, Spider-Man), Dan Piraro (Bizarro), Russ Myers (Broom Hilda), Jack and Carole Bender (Alley Oop), Zack Mosley (Smilin' Jack), Steve Erwin (Batman), Jim Lange (editorial cartoonist, Daily Oklahoman), Dave Simpson (editorial cartoonist,Tulsa World), E. Nelson Bridwell (DC writer), Don Flowers (Glamor Girls), R.A. Jones (DC and Marvel writer), John Wooley (The Twilight Avenger, etc.), Terry Tidwell (Green Hornet artist), Dayne Dudley (sports cartoonist), Michael Roberts (Angel of Death, etc), Butch Burcham (Dark Wolf), and Michael Vance (Holiday Out).

Current Oklahoma associates include Don Martin (Mad and Cracked), Dave Graue (Alley Oop), Wayne Truman (Eclipse Monthly), Ande Parks (Green Arrow), Tom Derenick (X-Men, Captain America), Richard “Grass” Green (Xal-Kor the Human Cat), Duane Hanson (Holiday Out), Stan Timmons (artist), C. T. Smith(Charlton comics), Bruce McCorkindale (Twilight Avenger), James Baldwin, Rob Davis (Star Trek, Straw Men), Mike Miller, Scott Youtsey, Steve Stiles, Dave Simons, Tom Floyd, Gary Dumm, Dave Hoover, Russ Sever, Doug Hazelwood, andJon Suter (comics historian).

Many cartoonists will attend the grand opening and its varied events including Jack and Carole Bender (Alley Oop), Dave Simpson (editorial cartoonist), R. A. Jones (X-Men), Terry Tidwell and Butch Burcham (TwilightAvenger), and Michael Vance (Holiday Out) and more.

Jim Lange, the editorial cartoonist for the Daily Oklahoman and Marie O’Brien, standing in for E.Nelson Bridwell, will be formally inducted into the museum that day. Vance will continue to add the creations of Oklahoma cartoonists as the Oklahoma Cartoonists Collection expands its displays. If you have donations for the collection, or are a professional cartoonist who was born or lived in the state while producing work, please contact him at