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Friday, August 19, 2005

"Stinking Conservative Reviewers!"

Twice, now, in the last year, Suspended Animation has been dropped by sites that didn't approve of the political and/or moral views of Michael Vance and myself. Now, I don't mention this with any kind of bitterness, or desire for reinstatement of the column, or the like. These were both small sites, neither of which I ever even knew carried the column. I'm mostly aware of the larger sites that carry it, as well as Starland, the home site. You should be sure to hit that link, by the way.

No, I mention this because it's such an interesting phenomenon. I mean, anyone who knows anything about politics knows how the liberal mindset views the political right and left. Conservatives are closed-minded. Liberals are supposed to be open-minded. Yet, in both of these cases, someone didn't like the fact that the less-than-favorable review given included, in part, a moral basis. As a result, the column was axed. Now, granted, the little axe that each site possessed didn't make much of a "thud." More of a "nick." But, it was basically, "Hey, I don't agree with that reviewer about that book! He doesn't think like us! Get that bum outta here!!" VERY open-minded.

So, rather than disappointment, I see it almost as a badge of honor. I'm happy to be one of those "rogue reviewers," and I happen to know Vance is, as well. Truth be told, I don't know of any other comics reviewers out there who openly employ matters of faith and conviction in their estimation of sequential art works. Though, if there are, I'd sure like to meet them.

Anyway, no matter how many sites may drop the column for such frivolous and politically correct reasons, it's a big internet, and there will ALWAYS be sites willing to carry Suspended Animation. After all, I saw last year's election. I'm sure you did, as well.

Thanks for reading.