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Monday, September 12, 2005

Back to the Business of Blogging

Alrighty. I’m blogging, again. Having been accused of being a "slacker," by a frequent commentator who shall remain nameless (You’re welcome, Laura. Oh, blast! Sorry about that!) I thought it high time I got back to it. Though, I haven’t exactly been twiddling my thumbs, where this blog is concerned. The changes you see are the product of practically every free hour of ‘net time I’ve taken over the last week or so. I hope I NEVER see another line of computer script, again! But, alas, I know I will.

This blog will now continue as originally planned, as that of a comics reviewer who is also a husband, father and Southern Baptist pastor. Depending on the thoughts, feelings and/or information being conveyed, not necessarily in that order. It will also, however, be the main conduit of information concerning all things OCC, and, hopefully, those professionals who are a part of that venture. And, occasionally, we may even see a post from Michael Vance. He has been included as a contributor because of his friendship, knowledge of comics and the history of the medium, and all-around wisdom. He has certainly taught me a thing or two, and I think he has something to offer those who read this blog.

FYI, expect future posts on Christian comics, as well as some "classroom comics" selections which will consist mainly of old reviews which I know some readers will never have seen before. Such selections will always be great choices for teachers or parents who want to interest their kids in reading, as well as educate them in history, or classic literature.

So, there you go. A post. The first of many more, though probably not daily.

As always, thanks for reading.