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Monday, September 19, 2005

Lighthouse Media Publishes Michael Vance

Lighthouse Media One will publish a paperback anthology of writer Michael Vance’s Light’s End short stories as Apocris 1. This collection of horror, SF and speculative stories will be released in October.

Vance became a professional freelance writer in 1977. He has been published in dozens of magazines in seven countries, and as a syndicated columnist and cartoonist in over 500 newspapers. His history book, Forbidden Adventure: The History of the American Comics Group, has been called a "benchmark in comics history”.

He briefly ghosted an internationally syndicated comic strip, and his own strip for five years called Holiday Out. Vance also wrote comic book titles including Straw Men, Angel of Death, The Adventures of Captain Nemo, Holiday Out and Bloodtide. He is listed in the Who's Who of American Comic Books and Comic Book Superstars.

His twenty three short stories about a fictional town called “Light's End” have been published in Media Scene, Holiday Out Comics, Dreams and Visions, Maelstrom Speculative Fiction, Whispers From the Shattered Forum, On Spec, Vicious Shivers, Lovecraft’s Mystery Magazine and many others. They have also been recorded by legendary actor William (Murder She Wrote) Windom. One of these stories was nominated for the international 2004 SLF Fountain Award for Best Short Story.

Vance’s weekly comics review column, Suspended Animation, has been continuously published for more than sixteen years, currently reaching more than 2.25 million readers in fanzines, newspapers, and in over eighty websites.

The cover for Apocris 1 is by Eric York features the first visualization of one of only two continuing characters in the Light’s End series, the notorious Jake Horne! The six short stories include: Fall Guy--"The Man Who Jumps From Buildings and Gets Up" comes to Light's End, and Jake Horne is his manager; Dirty Angels--Why do bad things happen to good people? How would Archie Killingsworth know? He isn't a good people; Billie Hell--Raised in the red light district of Light's End, Billie is a cut below the rest; Wishful Thinking--Sara Lagle sets a fire under her lascivious husband and his lover and decorates her home with childish memories; A Trick of Light--Jake Horne opens one of the Light's End 'doors' between Here and There at the State Theater so that Louis Staples can escape reality; and Random Pairings--Herbert Wells, one of the Three Sixes who can reincarnate The One on Earth, is initiated as a priest in the Church of Tenebrae with a very human sacrifice

Apocris 1 also includes "At the Mohills of Madness", a Lovecraft parody from the comic strip Holiday Out by Vance and artists Duane Hanson and Grass Green, an extensive interview with the writer by Tim Walters, and an unpublished Holiday Out comic book cover by C. T. Smith

The anthology can he ordered at It is listed in the menu under Apocris.