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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

X-Men 3, Fantastic Four Animated, and NBA Basketball in OKC

Well, I'm a little late on the first two items, but, other than information regarding the OCC, this is not a news blog. Still, it is interesting to note that, according to Comic Book Resources, the third X-Men movie will feature the character of Madrox the Multiple Man, an individual who can split himself into several different exact duplicates of himself. Though never a fan-favorite character, I always thought he was VERY cool, with the crime-fighting implications being immense. I guess Marvel just needs the right writer with the right ideas to make this character shine. Let's see what the movie does.

Also, there's another Fantastic Four animated series on it's way; and I STILL haven't bought the 90's version on dvd, yet! But, that's a personal problem, I suppose. As is the goofy looking blue "4" on the Things rocky chest in this newest version. If you don't believe me, go to Moonscoop and look. If your eyesight isn't that of an eagle, you'll probably have to copy the picture to your computer and blow it up.

And, lastly, it looks to be done deal. The New Orleans Hornets will temporarily make their home in Oklahoma City. They will be playing 35 games in the City, this season, and OKC, with the help of private investors, has agreed to provide housing for Hornets employees, office space, and pony up several million dollars to help make this work. My understanding is that if profits for the season are over 40 million dollars, then OKC will benefit financially from the deal. The long-run advantage is what is being emphasized, however, in that upon the success of this venture, the NBA will see that Oklahoma's capital city is ready for a franchise. O.K., sounds cool. I don't follow pro basketball, but I can definitely see the financial possibilities for the City, as well as the state. I'm on board. (FYI, I have GREATLY simplified the story, so if you want to read up on it, just google "New Orleans Hornets" and "Oklahoma City" together, or go to