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Friday, September 30, 2005

New Computer Coming? And, Personal Success!

Well, my wife's wish of having a laptop computer may come true sooner than she thinks. As this story tells us, Nicholas Negroponte, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has designed a laptop that would retail for about a hundred dollars, would be virtually indestructable, and would actually sport a hand crank for "powering-up." Talk about everything old being new, again. Would this be the "Model A" of computers? He hopes to have them in production by 2006.

Seriously, though, what's exciting about this is that Negroponte has been called "one of the first prophets of the internet," so it can be reasonably stated that he understands the ins and outs of producing something totally new, if not necessarily cutting edge. Very interesting.

On a personal note, having mentioned the beginning of my diet many weeks ago, I can now say I've reached the 19-pound mark. Losing the whole twenty certainly isn't coming easily, but now I'm convinced I can lose the whole 25. There's no secret; just exercise, along with what I call my "Don't be a pig" diet. Works wonders.