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Friday, November 18, 2005

New OCC Members

It's been a while since the last update, I know. Thanks to frequent viewer Laura for pointing that out. Anyway, we should have an interview with the creative team of nationally-syndicated strip "Alley Oop," soon. Jack and Carole Bender have been directing the long-time staple to comics pages for quite a while, and I can't wait to get the 'view up; I hope you feel the same.

For now, however, we have a couple of new OCC members to introduce, so without further ado.....

Ron Wolfe
- Born: 1945, North Platte, NE
- Nationality: American
- Personal:Born September 14, 1945, in North Platte, Neb.; son of Edward A. (a motel owner) and Marguerite E. (Kinsman) Wolfe; married Janice Leigh Fate (a preschool teacher), June 11, 1972; children: Brandon Edward.

Education: Hastings College, B.A., 1968.Career: Sherman Democrat, Sherman, Tex., reporter, 1970-72; Goodland Daily News , Goodland, Kan., reporter, 1972-74; Midland Reporter-Telegram , Midland, Tex., reporter and editor, 1974; Oklahoma City Times, Oklahoma City, Okla., feature writer, 1974-80; Tulsa Tribune, Tulsa, Okla., feature writer and cartoonist, 1980--

Sidelights: Wolfe told CA: "I think horror stories are fairy tales for grownups. They are a way to go on believing in magic. There may be no Santa Claus in the real world, but the gleaming-eyed thing in the shadows still seems as likely asever. "My first interest in horror stories probably came from watching the old `Twilight Zone' television series, which made a particular pleasure of my two sales of stories to Twilight Zone magazine. I feel like I've joined the club now."I've been writing fiction, usually with some sort of fantasy element, for about the past five years. The real start was my involvement with a writers' group called the Robert B. Leslie Foundation (named for the writer of pulp magazine mystery stories, author of the immortal line: `My roscoe sneezed, "Kerchow! Kerchow!" '). "John Wooley, the co-writer of Old Fears, was pretty much the founder of the group, and that's how we met. Another of the members was Mike McQuay, who wrote the novelization of Escape From New York. "One of my Twilight Zone stories, `Tiger of the Mind,' was somewhat based on my (much hated) experience as a newspaper police reporter. Otherwise, I think of the newspaper writing I do as entirely separate from the fiction -- completely different. There is not much place in journalism for turning loose the imagination. It's the difference between telling what is and what might be. "Another of my interests is cartooning. I may be the world's only combination horror story writer and big-foot gag cartoonist. I suppose I'm attracted to cartoons and horror stories for much the same reason. I like the build-up andsurprise elements that are common to both. And the line between laughter and fright is a thin one. Slipping on a banana peel is a horrifying experience for the guy doing the slipping. "It's been said (by Stephen King, I think) that people read horror stories as a rehearsal for death. But I'm a lot more positive about it than that. I think the fascination is not just to look at Mr. Bones, but to kick him in the shin and get away with it."

Steve Phelps (January 26, 1955-- )

Steve Phelps was born in Gainesville, Texas to Ray & Peggy Phelps. He has two older bothers, Dennis and Kenny, both presently living in Texas. He graduated GHS in 1973 where he won the Drama award and was a two year letterman in football and track.

On May 18, 1974 he married Sherry Brown. They lived in Gainesville and Kilgore, Texas until he joined the US Army in 1977. After serving three years in the Green Berets Steve and Sherry moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Then after a year of college they moved back to Gainesville where he worked in the oil fields. In 1982 they left hot & muggy Gainesville for Anchorage, Alaska. There Drew (1983) and Cameron (1985) joined Rashelle (1979) and Dustin (1982) as the Phelps’ kids. Steve was working as the manager of a fine art frame shop in Anchorage when God called him into full time ministry. He served as youth pastor for the Oceanview Community Church.

It was in Alaska Steve began cartooning for magazines. He has been published in almost every major periodical in the USA, including, Better Homes & Gardens, TV Guide, Saturday Evening Post, Good Housekeeping, National Enquirer, Leadership, Christianity Today and hundreds more. InterVarsity Press published a collection of his cartoons in 1994 called "All God’s Children Got Gum In Their Hair!".

In 1989 Steve and his young family left Alaska for Sunny California (Santa Maria). Steve was united with his former Pastor (Steve McCoy) and began a new youth group for the First Church of God. In 1990 Steve & Sherry accepted the call to be senior pastors for Edmonds Church of God just north of Seattle. Their experience there was tremendous and they made many friends as they served for the next five years in the Pacific Northwest. In 1995 they moved to Sherry’s home town and became the pastors of First Church of God in Sapulpa, Oklahoma (Tulsa). In November 1998 Steve planted the ROCK church. While church planting certainly is challenging, it has been his great pleasure to pastor a wonderful church family ... the ROCK!

Steve graduated from Mid America Christian University with a BS in Pastoral Ministries. He also attended and received credits from Texas Central College, Tulsa Community College, Baylor University, and Pugent Sound Christian College. He is presently working on (completed 30 out of 36 hours!) his Masters at Southern Nazarene University outside of Oklahoma City.

Steve loves his wife and is proud of his kids. Especially his daughter, Rashelle, who along with her husband, Jeromy Walsh, made him a "poppy" (granddaddy) in December 2001. Nikki is the delight of her granddaddies’ eyes! Dustin is an accomplished musician. Drew, a good musician in his own right, is going through Special Forces "Q" course. Cameron is working as a computer tech for a large firm in Tulsa.
Steve and Sherry purchased a new home in Bixby (just south of Tulsa) and he still pastors the ROCK!

Steve has many hobbies that are ... shall we say adventurous; skydiving, scuba diving and Harley riding. Steve tried to "settle down"; be a normal pastor, you know, play golf, and not participate in extreme sports, but let’s say the wilder side won out. He holds an expert license (D-26782) in skydiving and is a USPA coach as well. He holds an Advanced Open Water certificate in SCUBA diving. His every day vehicle is a 1992 HD Dyna Glide. So much for normal!