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Monday, November 21, 2005

More OCC News

A bunch of stuff from Michael's emails to those on the OCC mailing list. I'm posting them, as Michael is too lazy (or was that "busy"?) to do so himself. (Just kidding, big guy! You da man!)

"Comics pioneer GEORGE STORM from Enid, Oklahoma will be added to the museum. Even bigger news is that Ron Goulart will let me buy 3 sketches by Storm for the museum for a reasonable price. Storm did the 2nd adventure comic strip in history (Phil Hardy--early '20s), and even co-created the Golden Age HANGMAN!!

That ol' dog, Jack Bender, has just made my life harder and the museum better. He has told me that POSSIBLY THE MOST FAMOUS EDITORIAL CARTOONIST OF ALL TIME should be in our museum because he began his career here at Fort Sill at the beginning of WWII. Yep, BILL MAULDIN, the greatest cartoonist of WWII, should be in our museum!!!!!!! How I'll get him in seems impossible (an original Mauldin in our museum?!?) but I'm gonna try."