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Sunday, December 04, 2005

News and stuff

First the stuff. Again, it's been a while since an update. Chalk it up to life as a minister, which I wouldn't give up for ANYTHING, mind you. Much of last week was occupied with counseling a young couple for marriage, culminating in their wedding this very afternoon. Add that to several other things of a personal and family nature, and you have one more instance of the ol' blog being put on the back burner. One of the good things about that, however, is that once I finally get back to blogging, there is usually some "breaking news" to announce. Such as...

Michael Vance's book from the early 90's, Forbidden Adventures: The History of the American Comics Group, is going to be reprinted as an issue of Alter Ego in August of '06. While Michael's original book wasn't able to sport any art from the company's endeavors (A book on the history of a comics company, with NO pictures? Say it ain't so!), it will be chock-full of pretty pics when it's reprinted as an issue of A.E.!

So, reserve your copy now, especially if you're into comics history