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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Let's Run That Property Into The Ground!

I’ll never understand Marvel Comics. They have several different mutant titles, including at least three different on-going books featuring the character Wolverine, and now they announce another. Maybe I should say, “I’ll never understand the desire to run a property into the ground,” because Marvel isn’t the only guilty party; D.C. does it, as well, with their multiple Batman titles and Superman titles. Watch closely, because I’m going to tell you how these companies can avoid the “reboots,” “restarts,” and other “big events” that seem to be needed every few years or so to give their characters a shot in the arm. Ready? (Clears throat) GIVE THEM EACH ONE BOOK. Yes, you read me correctly. Give Batman one book. Superman? One book. Spidey? Uno, no mas! Wolverine? One series of his own. If each of these characters must be seen in a another book on a monthly basis, let it be solely for a group dynamic.

How does this avoid the events mentioned above, you ask? By taking these creators and their ideas (as enjoyable as they may or may not be) and s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g them out; putting them on a plan, waiting list, overall series schedule, or whatever else you want to call it. Get these stories in the hopper, ready to go, and have, perhaps, YEARS of great material planned for a book at a time. Talk about publishing security for a title. At least, more so than competing with another title starring the same character, which, whether the big wheels know it or not, is exactly what’s happening in many cases, as not all comics fans can afford to buy every book featuring their favorite characters.

Better, yet, get rid of the pamphlets and release these stories every few months in larger, thicker graphic novel form! No more flimsy periodicals! Give me a BOOK!!

Ok, sorry. That last bit was VERY inconsiderate to the single-issue lovers out there. Everyone knows the "wait for the trade" crowd is killing the industry. Forgive me.

And thanks for reading.