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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Smallville a BIG Disappointment and Closing The Book of Daniel

You can file this under "prudish rant," I suppose, but I'm growing more annoyed all the time with the ONLY prime-time program my wife and I watch on a regular basis. That would be Smallville.
Those who read this blog or the Suspended Animation column know my leanings; I'm a Christian conservative. It's how I think, how I live, how I raise my kids, and it colors everything I see or hear. That's enough right there to cause many in the t.v., movie and comics industries to roll their eyes and/or cast a disdainful sneer. So, if you're of that mindset, get ready to wrinkle up that nose, 'cause I'm tired of the Clark and Lana sex obsession.
Admittedly, we haven't seen every episode this season, but of the ones we have seen, it seems that a large portion of them include Lana complaining because she and Clark have only "been together" one time. If only it was because Clark wanted to marry her first.
This preoccupation adds something the show doesn't need. It' s already an entertaining program with a good family dynamic going on with Clark and his parents. I guess it wouldn't be a WB show, however, if teenagers weren't behaving irresponsibly. That's obviously what the network thinks teens are all about. I wonder how many of them are offended by it?

Speaking of t.v. programs, it seems that NBC's The Book of Daniel has been canceled, largely due to a massive outcry by conservative and/or Christian viewers. Let me be very straightforward and say that I was one of the ones who voiced my disapproval of the show to NBC. I take executive producer Jack Kenny at his word, however, when he says he was simply trying to produce a show that depicted "how 'humor and grace' help a flawed man struggle with his faith and family." He says he had no intention of mocking Christianity. Who am I to call the man a liar?