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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Muhammad Cartoon Controversy

I suppose commentary on this is overdue, seeing as how this is a site dedicated to comics and comic strips. But, honestly, my view of this whole thing is simple: those rioting in the streets, burning businesses, as well as injuring and killing people are WRONG. (Read the latest on the continued rioting here.) Regardless of the fact that Muslims believe a wrong has been done to people of their faith, nothing justifies the current actions being taken. As an evangelical Christian, I believe my faith has been made fun of, degraded and criticized (not contructive criticism, but the unfair, uneducated sort) for many years, even within the media. Sometimes, this has led to protests, here and there. Yet, what you DON'T see is mobs of Christians rioting in the streets, destroying and killing. It simply isn't done.

What scares me about this whole thing is that there are still people in the U.S. media and government who seek to excuse such behavior, all the while putting forth the notion that Muslims are being treated unfairly in the U.S. To that I say "baloney." This is not about a group of people not receiving equal treatment. The radicals that are rioting would LOVE to see their actions result in the curtailing of our freedom of the press. Indeed, that would seem to be one of their goals. Get it? This is about a group wanting SPECIAL treatment. And, if they get it, folks, if even ONE newspaper decides to alter it's practices one iota, by never publishing an image representing Muhammad for fear of retaliation, then the radical Islamic faction will have begun to alter OUR Constitution. We will have lost a step in the battle against terrorism, and we will have lost it right on our own doorstep.

Understand, this is not about racism, religious intolerance, or anything of the kind. It's about right and wrong. It's wrong to resort to violence simply to get your own way. Whether it's done by Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Budhists, or what-have-you.

There have been many political cartoons that I have not appreciated, and even been offended by. But GOD BLESS the freedom our press has to run them!