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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Actor Gary Sinise Points To The Positive In Iraq - The Media Ignores It

One of the things that bugs the life out of me, and many people I've spoken to, is that the lion's share of news coverage out of Iraq focuses on the negative. There is usually not a word reported on the positive things happening, there. Well, here's a great interview with actor Gary Sinise, of CSI: New York fame, in which he accentuates the postitive.

Also, check out this link for a project with which Gary is heavily involved.

Rude Dude Productions Launched!

Well, good news, this. It seems one of the most talented comics professionals in the business is making a go at his own company. Steve Rude, creator of popular independent properties Nexus and The Moth, has officially launched Rude Dude Productions. "The Dude" recently even announced a publishing schedule to subscribers of his email newsletter: "So, here's how we're gonna do it, folks...
1. 4 issues of Nexus followed by... 2. 4 issues of The Moth followed by... 3. The Rude Dude anthology book followed by... 4. The Trade Paperbacks. 'Ah believe ah'm ready to rock."

I believe you are, my friend. And, I, for one, can't wait. According to the newsletter, Rude has already begun the Nexus miniseries. I'm told, however, that not much will be said publicly until at least two issues are completed. That's called smart business, folks.

To visit Steve's home page, click here. If you'd like to commission artwork from him, or see commission examples, go here.

Here's hoping I can score an interview with Steve for the site, soon.