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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

No Smoking In Oklahoma Restaraunts, And Silly Lottery Winners

Well, tomorrow is it. As of March 1st, all Oklahoma restaurants must go smoke free, or have built a fully enclosed area, with it's own filtered air system for those who light up during their meal. This was announced nearly three years ago, and I've been waiting anxiously, ever since. Yeah, I'm one of those who thinks it's a good thing. The dangers of second-hand smoke is more than common knowledge these days; it's common knowledge that is sneered at by some, as they blow a cloud of noxious fumes in your face. Well, as of tomorrow, not while I'm eating, pal!

I saw a news story on this two days ago, in which a reporter interviewed smokers in one of the few restaurants that spent the money to build an enclosure. One gentleman, when asked how he felt about it, replied that he didn't think it was fair; something about feeling like a caged animal on display. Well boo-stinkin'-HOO!! You know second-hand smoke is dangerous, but even when an eating establishment goes out of it's way to accomodate your proven cancer-causing habit, you STILL whine? I mean really, this victim complex has gotten out of hand, don't you think? I say, as far as what to do with smoking in restaurants, Oklahoma is right on the money; ban the activity, or box'em up, preferably behind glass partitions, so we can all have a stare! Only, please, don't feed the animals. Leave that to the trained restaurant staff.

Then, there's this, a Yahoo story about the misfortunes of lottery winners. Besides the usual, family and friends the winners never knew they had coming out of the woodwork with both hands out, it reported those who blow through MILLIONS of dollars, and wind up poor, again. According to a financial expert in the story, those who come into millions, whether due to fame or good fortune, often spend it all because they don't realize that...., are you ready...?...."there's nothing to replace it." So, they don't realize that once it's gone, it's gone - that even several million dollars is a limited amount - that it has an END. Is it just me, or would it seem that there are those who just aren't mentally equipped to handle a large sum of money?