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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Pauls Valley Not Given It's Due

I’m going to ttreat this site like a blog, for the first time in a while, and vent. Occasionally, I Google “Action Figure Museum,” just to see what has been written or reported, of late. Much to my dismay, I recently came upon this comment on the museum from - “Nice idea for a museum. Lousy idea for a downtown revitalization project.” He offers no explanation, just a questionable point of view. Can you say “What the...?”

Based upon my initial experience at the museum on opening day, this attraction is not only a draw for kids, but for young, middle-aged and elderly adults and couples, as well. Not all of whom had children in tow, I should mention. Yeah, I think Brian’s right. If the people of Paul’s Valley are going to revitalize downtown, they CERTAINLY won’t have any success with something that brings in people of all ages, not to mention from different states, even different countries. Sheesh!

The majority of feedback on the ‘net seems to be in the tone of this comment from Suzanne Morse of the Smart Communities website. “What is amazing about this for me is that the community is creating the future they want using the talents and assets located right there. This great idea became action because people had vision and creativity and believed that it could happen. Congratulations to all the citizens in Pauls Valley.”

Morse sees the reality of the situation. Good for her. Goof for Carnell.