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Monday, May 22, 2006

Profanity in Comics

It's silly. It's juvenile. And, with the exception of very rare cases, it's totally pointless. But, hey, maybe I need to tell you EXACTLY how I feel.

The Portent #1, published by Image Comics, 28 pages, $2.99.

Writer and artist Peter Bergting has embarked upon a sequential tale that could be something great in the making. The first issue of The Portent introduces readers to a young warrior named Milo, who seems to be on a mission which has lead him to an all-but-deserted city. Though his motivations remain unrevealed in this issue, a group of "seers" has foretold his coming as a hero who would deliver them from danger. And, indeed, by issue's end, the danger has been revealed, both in the form of an ancient evil awoken, and a dark army poised to kill and destroy.

Like I said, a great beginning. Bergting sets a wonderfully ominous tone with this book, as the reader is given the feeling that everything is about to break loose. He also instills Milo with plenty of mystery, yet manages to make him an interesting character. I can't wait to find out what HIS motive was for engaging the forces of darkness.

Bergting's art is equally pleasing. With a flair for the dramatic, not to mention the "spooky", his heavy use of blacks and greys is far from boring, lending a sense of mood which works hand-in-hand with his writing to make this one of the best beginnings of a fantasy tale I've seen in a while. I am now eagerly awaiting the second issue.

Recommended for all but the youngest readers. Find it at comics shops and online retailers and auctions.

Mark Allen

Save Spider-Girl
This mini-review is a "shout-out" of sorts to the worth-while site, . With a crash course on who Spider-Girl is, the character's history with Marvel, (including a scrapped-before-it-was-tried marketing plan through retail giant Wal-Mart) testimonials of the comic by industry professionals, a message board and much more, this is both a chronicle of comics history in the making, as well as an effort to save a worthwhile publication which could bring in new, younger readers.

Check it out.