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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Oklahoma Cartoonists Collection Receives More Material

According to Michael Vance, the OCC recently received many new additions. Among them, many items from Jack and Carole Bender, including:

- One VHS tape of interviews with Jack and Carole Bender and Dave Graue
- One cassette tape with radio spots by Jack and Carole Bender
- One copy of Tulsa People magazine with Bender article June 2003
- Don Martin Magazine #2 1994
- 2 copies of fax pages to Don Martin
- 30 photocopies of The Nutheads comic strip
- One photocopy of Alley Oop 70th Birthday adv.
- One photocopy of article on Benders from Cartoonist Profiles #135

Also received were items from legendary artist Ric Estrada, who worked with E. Nelson Bridwell. Among the items:

- Inked sf original; hero with gun fights monster
- Preliminary pencil sketch, 2001: Friend or Foe
- Inked Amethyst original, 2005
- Pencil sketches of heads, Batman, Breyfogle Grimace
- Inked sf original; hero battles giant bugs
- Inked sf original; hero on huge dragon
- 18 high quality, signed photocopies with added art
- One huge Garbage Pail Kids Mini-Movies display w/original art

Obviously, the OCC continues to be a going concern for comics enthusiasts. If you haven't visited yet, we hope you can make plans to do so in the near future.

Toy Museum to host Hot Wheels Derby

If you're looking for some wholesome fun and entertainment in which the entire family can participate, all you have to do is show up at the Toy & Action Figure Museum in Pauls Valley on Saturday, May 27. It will be a made-to-order event that day for those with racing in their blood, according to museum director Della Wilson.

Wilson said the action will commence early that afternoon as the museum hosts their very first "Hot Wheels Double Dog Dare Derby." "Only official stock Hot Wheels cars are allowed in the races and no Johnnie Lightning's or Matchbox or Superfast cars are permitted. Elimination races will determine the bracket winners down to the 'Sweet 16' and those races will be decided by a best two out of three," she said.

The races start at 1 p.m. and positions are open to the first 128 people that sign up, Wilson explained. "Each contestant will receive a free Hot Wheels car with paid admission to the museum. With that car, or one of their own, they will get to race against other entries for the title of 'Hot Wheels Grand Champion!'"

Wilson added there will be prizes and trophies and "lots of cool giveaways" provided by Mattel and other sponsors.

For the fierce competitors in the crowd, the museum director said a special race will be held that same afternoon which will reveal how much true confidence racers have in their cars.

"There will also be a 'pink slip' race held and all entrants may also enter that race," Wilson said. "In these races, if you race your car and lose, you have to give up your car to the winner," she noted with a sly grin on her face. "How secure are you in how fast your car can go? Are you willing to put your car up against other contenders? This race will determine all that!"

From Paul's Valley Daily Democrat

Sign That Bill, Governer Henry

Senate Bill 1742 was passed by the Oklahoma State Senate on Thursday. With a 38 to 8 vote, it was a bipartisan effort that would make any Oklahoman proud, in light of the partisan bickering that seems to characterize local and national government, these days. Now, having been passed so decisively, it awaits our Governer's signature. Today is the deadline. I appreciate suspense as much as the next person, sir, but enough already!

Some provisions of the bill:

- Requiring the consent of one parent before a minor can receive an abortion (from House Bill 2369, by Rep. Odilia Dank and Sen. Glenn Coffee)..
- Expanding the recognition of an unborn child as a separate victim if a crime is committed against the mother (from HB 2741 by Rep. Pam Peterson and Sen. Kathleen Wilcoxson).
- Ensuring that a woman is informed that her unborn baby, if 20 weeks or older, may feel pain during an abortion and that anesthesia could be administered to the baby to relieve that pain (from House Bill 2496, authored by Rep. John Trebilcock and Sen. David Myers).
- Ensuring that a woman seeking an abortion has the option to view her unborn baby by ultrasound prior to the abortion (from House Bill 2614, by Rep. Kevin Calvey and Sen. Randy Brogdon).
- Allowing funding to be directed to organizations that help pregnant women with pro-life counseling and support-services (from House Bill 3001, by Rep. Marian Cooksey and Sen. Cliff Aldridge).