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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Site Deals With Advertising From Old Comic Books

For many comics readers, part of the nostalgia of thumbing through the old periodicals that first sparked a life-long passion is remembering those wacky ads. Whether it was hot chewing gum, x-ray specs, your own personal submarine or a personal favorite of mine, Sea-Monkeys, you could bet that a handful of marketing geniouses (and SURELY some of the most honest people in the mail-order biz) were waiting to give some lucky kid the deal of his short lifetime. Well, nostalgia junkies rejoice! Steve Conley has a site that will thrill you, while taking you back to yesteryear with a giddy warmth and a "I can't believe I actually ordered that." Don't believe me? Then check out Super Marketing: Ads From the Comic Books and see. Despite the embarrassment of past mail-order debacles, I'm betting you'll be glad you did.

Radio Ads For O.C.C./Steve Stiles Active

According to Michael Vance, the first radio spots for the O.C.C. have been recorded, and are soon to be sent to Pauls Valley. The spots include the voices of Vance, R. A. Jones, Rob Davis, and Jack and Carole Bender. Any interested members of the Collection who have yet to cut a spot should contact Michael and let him know.

Also, Steve Stiles, a now-active member, recently sent in a lot of his work. The page to the left was not included, but is a great piece of work from the story Mind Siege!, from Death Rattle #3. Stiles wrote AND illustrated that story, by the way. The following are his own words on what was sent to the O.C.C.

Here are eight pages I've selected. Unless otherwise
noted, art was both penciled and inked by myself:

1.) "Whatever Happened to the Dinosaurs?", from IMAGINATION ROCKET, published by Brian Clopper, 2002.

2.) "Fields of Expertise," from XENOZOIC TALES #10, written
and edited by Mark Schultz, Kitchen Sink Press, 1990.

3.) "Jelly," story by Nicola Cutti, from DREAD OF NIGHT #2,
edited by John Clark, published by Hamilton Comics. 1992.

4.) "Adventures of Professor Thintwhistle And His Incredible
Aether Flyer," Chapter 6, written by Richard Lupoff.
Originally published in HEAVY METAL, edited by Ted White,
1980. Reissued as graphic novel by Fantagraphics, 1991.

(The next two pages need explanation: I worked as a
penciller for Marvel¹s British department from 1975-1980. In
those days, American Marvel titles were serialized in three
parts, necessitating new splash pages for chapters 2 &3.
Which is where I came in. As you will see, the British mags
were horizontal rather than vertical as the American Marvels

5.) "Condor Pasa!", Iron Man story, edited by John Warner.
Inks by "JT," 1977. Comic title unknown.

6..) Poster, INVADERS #5, 1976. Inks by Duffy Vohland (sp?)

7.) Page from FREAKED, published by Hamilton Comics. 1993.
Pencilled and inked by me. Unfortunately, I can't find my
sole copy, so I can't give you writer credit.

8.) "This Old House," from DEATH RATTLE #7, Kitchen Sink
Press, Denis Kitchen, editor. Kenneth Whitfield writer.

Thanks, Steve! Your participation in the O.C.C. makes it that much better!