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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Iron Man Director Has Q and A With Fans On MySpace

In a highly-unusual, yet pleasing move, director Jon Favreau "sat down" to answer questions from fans about Marvel's Iron Man movie, slated for 2008 release. The Q and A took place on a MySpace message board, and in it Favreau answered questions relating to many subjects. Though, understandably, he had to be quite vague on questions relating to actors, plot and related material, he was forthcoming on subjects dealing with his favorite version of the armor (as well as which he plans to use for the movie), what "era" he thinks works best for the movie and which he prefers, classic Marvel stories or Ultimate.

My favorite quote from the lengthy thread: "We've got two(2!) sets of writers typing away on scenes and outlines. We've got a room full of storyboard illustrators and concept artists. The story has been fully broken. The villian has been selected and the train has left the station. I expect a rough first draft in the next several weeks, though the sequences are being hammered out visually as we speak. I wont reveal any further details on the plot or villians at this time. Marvel likes to trickle this type of info out slowly, as you can understand, and we are a full two years away from release. I did, however, convince them to share some interesting stuff some time in, oh, I don't know, July?"

For me, Iron Man is one of the more interesting of Marvel's characters, especially as a movie prospect, precisely because of the versatility of the very device that makes the hero; the armor. It's something that directors and fx people could have a lot of fun with. Here's hoping fans and movie-goers have just as much fun.