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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Comics Advertising and Spider-Man 3

Some points of interest:

Found an interesting article on the upcoming method of advertising in comics. Seems the shift is going to move from overt ads to product placement within the stories themselves. Some quoted in the story express concern that the logos and/or products may obscure the art and story. I don't think D.C. and Marvel are silly enough to let that happen and risk alienating fans. In fact, if this kind of advertising could replace entire pages dedicated to shilling a product, that could mean more art and story in the average comic. As long as the advertising dollars are big enough, that is.

Comic Book Resources have some screen caps of the third Spider-man movie. I have to say, as a fan....WOW! It looks great! Surf on over and take a gander. For those who may not have heard, Venom and Sandman will be featured in the movie.