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Monday, July 10, 2006

Back To It: All Sorts of OCC News and Stuff

First of all, you should notice that it is now an option to subscribe to the site. A wise decision, I would submit, as posting is sometimes....unpredictable. As if you couldn't tell.

Then, there are these updates from Michael:

We received a wonderful original Bizarro daily from Piraro! Thanks!

Richard Locher, the Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist who now also draws Dick Tracy, has said he's sent a big package of his editorial cartoons and Tracy work for the museum. We welcome "Dick" as an active associate!

I know that comics artists Steve Erwin has send down a big package of his toy design work to the museum. Yes, he's designed toys as well! Thanks go out to Steve for this addition to the museum.

I've written about twelve grants to date.

Also from Michael:

I found this recent message from new, active associate Dave Simons interesting, and thought you might as well. It is fascinating to see what divergent paths our members have and are taking with their work.

"I'm working on a show for PBS. It's called Zula Patrol and is a
little kids' show featuring science stuff. The episode I'm working
on now is about sattellites. I'm doing storyboards on it.
Say, would you like to show any of my storyboard stuff? They aren't
originals because the originals are never returned to the artist in
animation, they remain company property. I have lots of clean
copies, though.

Happy Trails

And this:

I'm pleased to have bought and received four original sketches by George Storm from writer and comics historian Ron Roulart for the museum. George was from Enid Oklahoma.

George may have created and drawn the first adventure comic strip in the 1920s. In addition to Bobby Thatcher, his work was also published in the first comic book. One can't get much more one that that!

I suspect this is the only original Storm work left in Oklahoma; I'm proud to have brought it home.

I'm hoping to be able to post the sketches soon.