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Thursday, July 13, 2006

More Original Art For The O.C.C.

Yesterday, Michael Vance received three pieces of original art from Chicago Tribune editorial cartoonist and Pulitzer Prize winner Dick Locher. Included were two editorial cartoons and one Dick Tracy daily, which he currently works on, as well. Locher is an active associate, and we are pleased as can be to have him aboard. Go here for more information on Lochet.

Oklahoma Cartoonists Collection Expands

Kevin Stark is the driving force behind the Toy and Action Figure Museum in Paul's Valley. He recently sent the following correspondence to Michael Vance detailing the expansion of the O.C.C.

Michael, Just wanted to send you a photo of the expansion of the Oklahoma Cartoonists Collection. We have put in all the reference material and Jack and Carole Bender have been nice enough to pay to have some of the original art framed and it is hanging on the wall as well. We have also put in a chair and lamp for a reading section and we are adding other things, too. We are still redoing the panels a few at a time and placing them in more of a book form so that when a person opens the poster rack they see the artists work on the two panels facing them, instead of the artwork being on the front and back of the panel. We have had a few expenses in this area, as well as the chair and lighting for the reading section. I will put together all the receipts and let you know the total cost. Its all looking great!



A special thanks to Kevin Starks and Della Wilson for being such great partners in the O.C.C. project!