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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

October 4th Marks Dick Tracy's 75th Anniversary!

The creation of Oklahoma Cartoonists Hall of Fame 2005 inductee, Chester Gould, the gumshoe detective in the bright yellow ensemble will soon celebrate three quarters of a century entertaining young and old alike in newspapers across the country, as well as the big and small screens. Most worthy of note is the release of a the complete Dick Tracy cartoon series from the '60's, on a celebratory 4-dvd set by Classic Media on September 26th. Read about it here.

Most interesting to me, however, is how I came to be aware of the impending anniversary. I happened to be perusing the comics page of the September 5th edition of the Daily Oklahoman when I noticed that the space normally intended for Gasoline Alley contained a three panel Tracy strip, with the star himself musing over his own milestone. With the G.A. heading still present, I assumed a mistake had been made...until I read the September 6th edition, in which the erstwhile detective finds himself in a "one-horse town" called Gasoline Alley. "No place could be named that!" Priceless. Not normally a Gasoline Alley fan, I now plan to see this through to it's conclusion. I suggest fans of Dick Tracy do the same.

- Mark