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Monday, November 06, 2006

Alias Focuses Exclusively On Christian Comics

An interesting development concerning Alias Enterprises has been circulating around the 'net for a month or so. Thank goodness this isn't a general news site...we can be forgiven for being late-comers!

It seems that the fledgling comics company will be publishing Christian material exclusively, beginning January of '07. This is a point of interest to me for a few reasons:

1) I have reviewed a few of the properties Alias has published/distributed - David's Mighty Men, David: A Shepherd's Song and Armorquest, and found them all to be of above-average quality.

2) I believe there really NEEDS to be a company out there informing the comics-reading public, as well as the public-at-large that there are talented people within the Chrstian communtiy producing great comics. It's fairly obvious that the "Big Two," much like Hollywood, largely avoid any kind of Christian commentary, except when they're taking shots at evangelicals.

3) As a Christian minister, I just like it. It's what I'm about.

Also impressive is that Alias Comics' Executive Director Mike Miller is all for the change, even though it means three of his own comics creations will have to find a new home. That's commitment, folks! He has also stated that Alias will be doing all it can to help creators of other comics properties they are currently publishing find new publishers.

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