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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Action Figure Museum and O.C.C. Pics

On Saturday, October 14th, the Toy and Action Figure Museum and the Oklahoma Cartoonists Collection enjoyed their first anniversary. Now, the pictures are finally up to prove it! Enjoy!

Curious onlookers check out Steve Erwin's table.

Kevin Stark points out the many interesting displays within the Toy and Action Figure Museum.

Carole Bender visits with Jim Lange.

Mom and kids check out an action figure while seated near the Oklahoma Cartoonists display.

Todd Kent, Director/Producer of The Comic Book Literacy Documentary interviews Steve Erwin. For more information on the film, check this out.

The gang's all here! Pictured are... Top Row, Left to Right - Carole Bender, Jack Bender, Kevin Stark, Jim Lange, Steve Erwin, Zac Lowry (a sculpter for the action figure industry) Michael Vance. Bottom Row, Left to Right - Mark Allen, Terry Tidwell and R.A. Jones.

A legendary group of Oklahoma Cartoonists....waiting to stuff their faces!

And, still waiting.

The gang's all a bunch of hams!

Great shot of the O.C.C. display.

A fan enjoys a visit to Jim Lange's table.

Michael Vance and R.A. Jones also greet fans.

The awards dinner that night. Personally, I think a restaurant with a similar theme would be a lot of fun!

Hey, I never got a piece of cake!

Jim Lange accepts an O.C.C. Hall of Fame award for Dick Locher.

Carole Bender accepts an O.C.C. Hall of Fame award for Chester Gould.

Jack Bender accepts an O.C.C. Hall of Fame award for Bill Mauldin.

Steve Erwin accepts an O.C.C. Hall of Fame award for Ric Estrada.

R.A. Jones accepted his own O.C.C. Hall of Fame award.

Finally, I excepted a Hall of Fame award for Clarence Allen, but, at this time, I haven't a picture of the acceptance.

I want to thank Michael Vance and crew for the opportunity to be such a big part of the Oklahoma Cartoonists Collection, and for my own award. Here's to the future growth of the O.C.C. and the Toy and Action Figure Museum!