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Thursday, April 05, 2007

CNN and Jesus' Tomb

Just an aside, if you will. CNN's morning broadcast today included a story about the possible burial places of Jesus. It mentioned James Cameron and his contention that he had found Jesus Christ's bones, but largely dismissed it, including a soundbite from a professor (didn't catch his name) that Jesus was such a common name at the time, it simply isn't conclusive in any way to find a tomb inscribed "Jesus, son of Joseph."

I mention this to make the simple point that believers shouldn't get in an uproar about things like this, as they will ALWAYS end up being proven false, or at least unable to be proven true. (Yes, that's a statement of faith.)

Click this link for a new story on all of this from This Is London. The experts (which Cameron admits he is not) are not on board with Jimmy and his "discovery."