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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Rise of The Silver Surfer

Well, after seeing the movie this afternoon, I can say that my ALL-TIME favorite comic-book movie is, indeed, the second installment of the F.F. franchise. Let me break it down:

Why it's great:

- A perfect blend of comedy and drama. The film doesn't take itself too seriously, but also has wonderfully dramatic moments.

- Incredibly true to source material. This movie, perhaps even better than the first, captured the "feel" of the F.F. comic very well. At least, where the Silver and Bronze Age versions are concerned. Part of the reason for this is the afore-mentioned perfect blend, but also due to the actors perfectly capturing the personalities of the characters. ALL of them, I say, even though many fans I have spoken to have consistently hacked on Jessica Alba for being nothing but eye-candy. In my opinion, she may have started off a bit weaker than the rest, but still held her own and showed improvement in the latest film.

- Easy Access to non-comics fans. Now, I know I've bragged in the past about making my wife into a comics fan, but, in all honesty, her intake of F.F. material has been limited to one trade paperback. After the movie, she admitted her enjoyment of the movie (without my coersion, I might add) and commented on the fact that she didn't feel lost in it, due to her limited knowledge of F.F. lore.

Altogether, the above combine into what is, for me, the best cinematic comics adaption, yet.

Though, I have to admit that I was hoping for a glimpse of Galactus. The flick's finale even gave a great opportunity for special fx personnel to cause a giant hand to materialize at the last moment. But, alas, no such luck. A few things make up for this, however:

- The woman who appears to be Johnny's main squeeze at the end of the movie is called "Frankie." As in Frankie Raye, perhaps? Future superhero-then-herald-of-Galactus?

- The appearance of the fantasticar - a Dodge, no less. Johnny: "Hemi?" Reed: "Of course." Priceless.

- Finally, without giving anything away plot-wise, let me just say movie-goers and comics fans alike get a great example of what a Super Skrull appearance would look like.

Now, go see the movie!