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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Life's Short, Get Counseling

My apologies to those looking for my typical musings on comics and related material. This and the previous post have not exactly been in that tradition. Sometimes, however, events in the mainstream must be commented upon.

Video - Breaking News Videos from

If you can still find it at the link, this was a story talking about a billboard urging people to cheat on their spouses. That's right. "Life's short, have an affair" was plastered across said billboard. Darren Morgenstern, a representative of the website that sponsored the amazingly short-sighted ad, actually made the statement (toward the end of the interview) that monogamy "doesn't deserve to be upheld as a social value." I can't help but wonder if this guy has ever talked or counseled (as have I) with people who are victims of divorce.

Divorce is incredibly harmful to families, and the chaos that results in the lives of adults and children when individuals decide to ditch their responsibilities would hopefully convince those considering it to seek marriage counseling. Yeah, I'm preaching. I am a pastor, after all.

Now, lest anyone consider me heartless, let me add that there are those divorces which take place due to a mother or father who are concerned for the safety of the children and themselves, due to the irresponsible actions of their spouse. Sometimes divorce occurs BECAUSE someone refuses to act responsibly, or is an outright danger to their family. I have relatives and friends who have lived through such sad circumstances. So, no, I'm not judging anyone. That's not my job. I am, however, judging an attitude that says, "Yeah, marriage is tough, and you should go ahead and have an affair if that's what you want to do. Don't feel guilty about it. It's your life, and everyone else's feelings be hanged." That's a deplorable frame of mind, and a sad throwback to the old '60's mantra, "If it feels good, do it."

The opinions of Morgenstern and his ilk are devoid of any deep, meaningful thought and consideration. They result in misery, not happiness or fulfillment.

And that's a fact.

Money-Grubbing So-and-So

Woman Sues Over Apple's iPhone Price Cut: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance

So, this woman wants $1 million in damages because Apple cut the iPhone price by $200? Did she spend $999,800 in gas? Because that's the ONLY way I could see a jury even considering giving her that kind of award.

What is wrong with people, today? It's one thing to feel slighted, as many evidently did, over a price-slash so soon after release, and the story makes it clear that Apple is at least TRYING to make it up to those who paid the original retail price. But $1 million?!? That's nothing but opportunism and greed!

When the latest "hot" gadget first hits the shelves, I'm amazed at the people who have to be the "first" to get one. It's almost like they think it's going to disappear and never be seen in retail again. My family and I almost NEVER buy anything within the first few weeks of release, simply because we want to wait for that first sale, or the realization that the current price simply isn't sustainable over a long period. One or the other always happens.

I wish this lady VERY bad luck in her lawsuit, and urge her to try bargain- and thrift-shopping once in a while. She might be impressed at the affect it will have on her pocket book. It won't net her a cool mil., but...,