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Monday, October 08, 2007

Cool Stuff Out West

The family is gone, so I took Saturday and drove to and through the end of the Oklahoma Panhandle, all the way to Clayton, New Mexico. I suppose it was wanderlust. Anyway, it made for an enjoyable day, and I saw a few sights. Probably the most rare was this Buck Rogers toy gun, circa 1935. (Go here or here for more info on the gun, itself. For reference, it's the XZ-38 Disintegrator Pistol, made by Daisy.)

This gun is currently on display at the Kenton Museum. The establishment is run by a man named Asa, though I don't know if that's the correct spelling. "Asa from Black Mesa," he told me, as a way of remembering.

Upon seeing the gun, I identified it as a Buck Rogers toy, much to his surprise. According to him, I was the first person to ever correctly identify it.

The toy had laid in a cow pasture, most likely for decades. Can you imagine the disappointment of the child who lost it?

I couldn't help a small chuckle when he told me he had to clean a "cow patty" off of it before he could display it.

I told him that, as most don't know what it is when they see it, he ought to tell them it came from Roswell, New Mexico. Imagine some of the looks on tourists faces.

I also spent some time at the Kenton Mercantile and met one of the new owners, Judy Mayfield. She and her husband John reside in Norman, Oklahoma. You can read about the acquisition here. She was out there cleaning the place up a little, and greeting people who passed through.

I was kicking myself for forgetting my camera, and Judy made me a great deal on a small digital model, with which I took these pictures. It was under 20 dollars and, therefore, not the best quality, but it was worth it. Thanks, Judy!

Well, after heading out to Clayton to catch a their annual art show, I came back through Kenton and dropped in on another annual event, the Okie-Tex Star Party, held at Camp Billy Joe. It was quite an assemblage of stargazers. Unfortunately, however, most still had their telescopes covered, so I couldn't get any good pictures. Take my word for it, however; these were SERIOUS astral enthusiasts.

So, it was a good day for me. And I post it here as an illustration for readers not to underestimate ANY small town or area which may have been deemed "no-man's land" by those who know no better. Wonderful attractions and great people can be found almost anywhere, if a person is willing to explore and examine.

Okie Blog Awards

Just wanted to offer congrats to those bloggers who won, and, again, express my thrill in response to the nomination of my blog. It was a great privilege to be included, and to know someone thought so highly of Four Color Commentary as to put the site in the running.

And, to those who went to the site and voted for me (after I begged, whined, pleaded and made a general nuisance of myself), you didn't twist NEARLY enough arms, and are now on my poopie-list. I wish you your own personal hacker for all your blogs.

(I suppose, for those who take themselves WAY too seriously, I should point out that I'm only joking - it wasn't really THAT much of an honor to be nominated.)

KIDDING AGAIN!! Everyone mentioned is aces! I like you all!

That is all. (And, no hacking THIS site.)