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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

John Byrne Interview

Ranger Roger was a well-known host for a kids show on a local Oklahoma City station for a while. You can read more about him here. Well, just today I discovered that in 1994, he conducted an interview with professional comics writer and artist John Byrne! For those of you who don't know who he is, click on his name and find out. Then come back for the interview. True, it's aimed at younger children, but still informative and interesting. Enjoy!

Good stuff!

On Racism and Foolish Invitations

Just a comment on current events..., and, perhaps, a lack of common sense: It seems to me that the newest racially-motivated incident at Columbia University is a fascinating postlude to that university’s decision to invite Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to speak there just a couple of weeks ago, though I’m not sure who, if anyone, is talking about the irony.

“Why is that,” you ask? Simply put, what do people expect to happen when they invite someone who has publicly espoused such racist feelings as his desired destruction of the Jewish State? Now, I’m not saying he is solely responsible for such goings on as this latest incident, as various pointy-headed individuals are going to pull such tiresome and impotent stunts for as long as we live in the U.S. of A. That is, after all, part of the price of our freedom. A freedom which we should never willingly give up, I might add.

But, is it really unlikely that his visit, and the subsequent honor bestowed upon him as key speaker addressing the student body and members of the faculty, does not actually serve to embolden such pinheads? I consider it probable.

When you invite a man who denies the Holocaust to speak at an institution with such a large population that statistics would lead us to assume the presence of racism a certainty, there WILL be unpleasant byproducts, be it in thought or action.